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Mon 19 Mar 2018 03 Rajab 1439H

JIB Continues to Participate in Collective Wedding Party


Jordan Islamic Bank (JIB) continued to provide cash gift “ Nuqout” which is amounted to 200 hundred JD for 42 spouses participating in the 25th collective wedding party organized by Alafaf Charity Association at Al- Afaf Complex in Tareq Area on Friday 25/8/2017. JIB is used to supporting collective wedding parties annually out of assuming its social responsibilities and to serve community members by alleviating the financial burdens that face the youth . In addition to Nuqout , JIB provides AlQard AlHassan in cooperation with AlAfaf Association and provides Murabaha financing to purchase furniture and other needs. The total value of AlQard AlHassan granted in cooperation with the association till the end of 2016 amounted to about JD 5.3 million benefited 9448 citizens, where the value of AlQard AlHassan granted during 2016 amounted to 196 thousand dinar benefited about 221 citizens in addition to provide AlQard AlHasan to people about to get married directly from the bank or through the cooperation with Alafaf Association. JIB provides AlQard AlHasan for citizens for justified social needs such as medication, education and marriage , where the total of AlQard AlHassan since the bank’s incorporation till the end of 2016 amounted to about JD 254 million benefited about 426 thousand citizens. Dr. AbdelLatif Arabyat , Chairman of Alafaf Association commended JIB’s support for Alafaf activities especially annual collective wedding party and providing per year Nuqout for spouses participating in the wedding in addition to AlQard AlHassan appreciating the bank’s distinguished role in supporting society.