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Mon 26 Feb 2018 11 Jumada ath-Thaniya 1439H

JIB Sponsors the Scientific Day of Sharia Ijaz in Inheritance


Jordan Islamic Bank (JIB) provided the sponsorship for the 14th scientific day : The Sharia Inimitability in Inheritance organized by the Jordanian Association for Ijaz Quran and Sunnah in cooperation with AlAfaf Charity Association and Jordanian Engineers Association with participation of elites of scholars, academics , researchers and specialists in sharia , financial and legal aspects at Professional Syndicates Complex on Saturday 9/9/2017. JIB’s sponsorship of the scientific day is an assertion of the bank’s social role and an application of its mission through consolidating Islamic approach values in financial transactions and maintaining social bonds to serve the public interest. Worksheets and scientific researches were presented by researchers to highlight the role of Islam in saving family , marriage law , ownership laws and manifest the sharia Ijaz in Quran through exposing the inheritance verses of the Holy Quran in agreements , international compacts , woman inheritance and achieve equity.