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Mon 26 Feb 2018 11 Jumada ath-Thaniya 1439H

JIB Sponsors UJ’s Celebration of Hijra


Jordan Islamic Bank (JIB) has sponsored the celebration organized by faculty of Sharia at University of Jordan (UJ) on the anniversary of the noble prophet’s migration (Hijra) with participation of faculty members and university students to recall this occasion and its historical, religious , political and social importance for Muslims which coincides with the start of the new academic year on 12/10/2017.

The bank’s sponsorship of this celebration is out of assuming its social responsibilities through its interest to be part of the meaningful social activities and to enhance the sustainable partnership between the bank and Faculty of Sharia/ University of Jordan and support its various activities , where the bank’s participation in supporting the activities of the faculty varies including providing the cash prizes for winners students in the competitions of Holy Quran and Hadith , the scientific day of Sharia faculty , providing a cash prize annually for the top achieving student of the faculty graduates, the bank’s sponsorship of the annual conference of Islamic banks / Faculty of Sharia- Islamic Banks Department in addition to other activities and conferences the university holds in its different faculties.

Dr. Abdelrahman AlKilani , Dean of Sharia Faculty extended his thanks to JIB and its management represented by Mr. Musa Shihadeh, GM for the continuous support of the faculty’s activities appreciating its distinguished role in serving students and local community members. He handed Mr. Ahmad Abdelkareem, Manager of Public Relations an honorary shield in recognition of JIB’s sponsorship of this ceremony.