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Mobile Banking Services

Jordan Islamic Bank provides Mobile Banking service in order for clients  to manage their accounts and conduct some banking transactions easily from anywhere and at any time. The service is available  on Apple Store and Google Play for users of IPhone and Android in Arabic and English languages.

Mobile Banking Services include:

  1. Self-registration service which needs to be activated for the first time from the bank’s Call Center No. 5680001 or by visiting any of the bank’s branches & offices.
  2.  Status of the client’s accounts , accounts balance and  alert on last transaction on each account.
  3.  Request of Account statement with the possibility of  downloading it in PDF format
  4. Internal fund  transfer between the client’s own accounts  and to other accounts inside the bank.
  5. Currency Exchange  Rates Service.
  6. ATMS location
  7. The Bank’s branches location.
  8. Electronic bill payments.
  9. Forgotten  password service.