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Safe shopping through the internet (VBV): It is a system for identification of Visa cards when used in shopping online.

This service enables the client who holds a golden or silver visa card that is issued at JIB to use it in shopping and purchasing goods safely through the internet as a special secret number for the cardholder who creates it through the following JIB website: How to use it? Throughout the following Icon :

• After choosing VBV service, you choose: Register Now

• Click subscribe and a new page appears indicating that subscribing in this service enhances safety and security while shopping online, Click: Register Now • The program will move you to a page that requires four steps:

1. In this step, terms and controls of the service appear consisting of 15 terms (Terms of Service VBV).

After you read these terms and would like to continue, click: Accept

2. A page appears requesting you to enter the card number which consists of (16) figures as follows:

Card Number, and after you finish entering your card number, click:Continue

3. In this page, the following information is requested to be entered:

* Name as printed in the card; (letters and spaces must exactly match those on the card). *Cardholder’s National Number. *Date of Birth (day – month - year). For example if your date of birth is 26/01/1977, it will be entered as follows: (DD – MMM - YY) 26-Jan-77 and after entering the required information, click: Continue

4. In this page, the following information will be requested:

*Password: (please note that the password entered must include up to 9 digits only of letters and figures).

*In the next space you will be requested to confirm password entered in the previous step: Confirm Password (this means you will have to re-enter your password).

*Next, you will be requested to enter a personal secret question then answer it and then confirm your answer: Secret Question Answer Confirm Answer (Usually this information is completed to make sure that it is the cardholder and in case he / she has forgotten the password before he / she can be allowed re-entrance). *A personal message is requested but it should not exceed 30 letters to verify the identity of the cardholder more accurately. *With this last step password and other information have been accepted and the following phrase appears: Thank you for Registering *To conduct shopping through accredited merchants for this purpose, return to home page as this phrase appears’: Participating Merchants *Click this phrase to go to the list of participating merchants. *In this service you should click these words: Participating Verified by Visa Merchant. *A page will appear stating merchants according to the economic activity of each merchant and merchant name in alphabetical order. All you have to do is to specify the category of merchants you want and choose the first letter of the merchant or the company’s name. Then enter into the merchant or company’s site and complete the purchasing transaction where the password you have created will be requested.