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Mr. Adnan Ahmad Yousif

The statement delivered by the chairman of the board of directors of Jordan Islamic bank, Mr. Adnan Ahmad Yousif during the launch event of the bank’s new corporate identity that was held on June 30,2010, in le Meridian Hotel

In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate
Alsalam Alaikum Wrahmat Allah Wbarakatu…

Our honorable audience,

It is my great honor and pleasure to meet and greet you in this important occasion in which Mr. Musa Shihadeh announced to you the launch of the unified and new corporate identity of Jordan Islamic bank ,whose history witnesses consolidating Islamic banking experience and whose board of directors is chaired for a long period of time by sheikh Saleh Abdullah Kamel, the founder of modern Islamic banking. We ask God to reward him  the best for what he offered to Jordan Islamic bank and Islamic banking.

We were able from our different locations on the level of AlBaraka banking group to be witnesses on the most of the bank’s development stages, achievements and many contributions.

Unifying the corporate identity for the subsidiary banks of AlBaraka banking group is an important process for it is considered a transitional step in the group’s mission and a clear coronation of its continual achievements and preserving efforts along with its endeavor for so many years to continue its development and expand the scope of its work and operations and develop its capability to fulfill the requirements of Islamic banking sector and enhance Islamic banking experience which will enable it to consolidate its presence and pioneer status in Islamic banking industry.

AlBaraka banking group proceeded from its beginning to be a pioneer model and a success story that is taken after and this is through the work in an organized and concentrated way to form a strong banking group and a firm economic structure that works according to the provisions and principles of Islamic sharia and forms as well a part of global markets economies and one of the elements of international banking system.

 The project of unifying the corporate identity of the subsidiary banks of AlBaraka banking group has come to symbolize this model under the maturity that Islamic banking witnesses in current time. It is originated from the group’s vision and its interest to develop policies and programs and ensure all the required tools to upgrade this sector and transit it from its current surrounding to a wide space surrounding that works in its all potential and draws to itself a distinguished status on the international economic map.

 Today, we all celebrate the launch of the new unified corporate identity of Jordan Islamic bank that will open new heights for work and development in order for its positive effects to be for the benefits of all; clients, shareholders and employees and this is according to the basics that this identity is based on which typify Jordan Islamic bank and AlBaraka banking group’s ability to keep abreast of the best practices and follow the highest international standards in banking field to achieve the best goals in the service of markets and communities that Jordan Islamic bank and AlBaraka banking group with its 400 branches around the world work in.

The new logo and new corporate identity translate the vision of Jordan Islamic bank and the group of finding a fair equitable system that is based on a system that rewards the effort made and contributes in community development.

New corporate identity paves the way to enhance relations between the group and its subsidiary units and relations among the units themselves which result in reinforcing and gaining  the trust of the clients in these units whose services exceed the local limit through offering harmonized and unified banking products and services in the countries that AlBaraka banking group works in which include: Jordan, Bahrain , Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Tunis, Sudan, Algeria, Turkey, Pakistan, South Africa and Indonesia. This will enable the group to achieve its clients satisfaction, meet their needs wherever they are and achieve success in different markets.

To achieve the goals behind unifying the corporate identity of AlBaraka banking group, the group was interested during last years in building unified managerial organizational structures and approving unified work policies, regulations and standards in all subsidiary banks of the group which will make it all work within one philosophy and one culture and apply unified strategies, plans and procedures.

Finally, on the behalf of Jordan Islamic bank and AlBaraka banking group I assert to you that we are confident that we will succeed in achieving our goals and serving our communities.

I thank Jordan; its king, its government and its nation for their supporting Islamic banking where Jordan has become a safe investment place by the virtue of this support and an example of developing laws and systems to attract investors to Jordan.

I will not forget to express my thanks for everyone who contributes and participates in achieving this event and moving to a new stage of the life span of Jordan Islamic bank and AlBaraka banking group starting from my fellows members of the board of directors , managers, employees and workers in all occupational levels, hoping to meet you again in new achievements, if it’s God’s will.