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Mr. Musa Abdelaziz Shihadeh

The  Statement delivered by Vice chairman - general manager of JIB, Mr. Musa Abdelaziz Shihadeh during the launch event of new corporate identity that was held on July 30, 2010, in Le Meridian Hotel.

In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the compassionate
Your Excellency and Honor, ladies and gentlemen, our honorable audience
Alsalam Alaikum Wrahmat Allah Wbarakatu,

I would thank you highly for accepting our invitation and being here to participate us this ceremony in which we will announce one of the important developments at our bank in addition to the accomplishments that we achieved at Jordan Islamic bank.

Today, we celebrate the launch of the bank’s new logo within its occupational process and its support to achieve its strategic aims which intend to enhance Islamic banking experience and this comes through the unification of its corporate identity and its commercial relation with the subsidiary banks of AlBaraka Banking Group in all countries that the group is available in.

Concerning the new logo that Jordan Islamic bank will raise in its all branches and offices, it is not considered merely a symbol that was designed for the purposes of identity unification , but it exceeds this to translate the vision, aims, ambitions and determination to expand and ascend to new spaces without hitting the main values and Islamic principles that control our work.

Jordan Islamic bank’s joining other subsidiary banks of AlBaraka banking group in launching this logo makes it a basic part and an important component of the group and a main supporter of the identity unification goals that aim to unify the group corporate foundation and deepen its culture to make a better future for Islamic banking around the world and achieve the ambitions of people who deal with it.

Jordan Islamic bank was and still makes every effort and dedicates its best experience since more than thirty years to serve Jordan economy and offer the best products that are compliant with the provisions of Islamic sharia and with fine quality for its customers in Jordan banking market and developing Islamic banking industry in Jordan and outside and making contribution in developing it.

I’m proud to say that Jordan Islamic bank was able through its rich mission to gain the confidence of big number of local community members . it was able as well to have the confidence and respect of many international banking institutions and international Islamic banking.

At Jordan Islamic bank, we cannot but hope that changing our bank’s logo will open a new approach to deal with our clients whom we consider the first and most important priorities and this through granting them an additional value by expanding the scope and quality of banking, commercial and investment services we offer them. It also opens a new approach for our clients to keep in contact with us and get advantage of our products and services and the products and services of AlBaraka banking group banks that meet their requirements and contribute in achieving their goals and let them be satisfied.

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to assert to you the commitment of our bank to develop its operations, services and  its continuation to be distinguished in compatibility with AlBaraka banking group’s vision and our clients’ ambitions and we are determined to continue the hard work to confront the challenges that future may impose on us with efficiency and activity.

On this occasion, I want to commend the efforts of His Excellency Sheik Saleh Abdullah Kamel, the primary owner of AlBaraka banking group, for his support and directions for us at Jordan Islamic bank through his chairmanship for the board of directors at our bank and then through AlBaraka banking group and his leadership of the general council for banks and Islamic financial institutions. I ask God to reward him for his support for Islamic banking.

Moreover, I would like to commend the efforts of the previous and current members of the board, sharia consultant , members of sharia supervisory board , citizens , bank’s clients and those who believe in the vision of this institution and its work method and its previous staff and who still at their work in the head office, branches and offices that are distributed in the kingdom and journalists. I would like also to praise the efforts of the professional work teams that worked for long months to go through the bank and alBaraka banking group’s endeavor successfully and translated plans to a tangible reality with a new distinguished look that is expanded to the far height by optimism , hope, sticking to the high values and Islamic banking practices.  

I will not forget to thank and show my gratitude to official authorities and on its top Jordan governments, central bank of Jordan and other official institutions that performed a central role in making laws , legislations and instructions that encouraged Islamic banking expansion in order for Jordan to be a safe investment country and a model that is taken after in all fields  as an application of his highness king Abdullah bin al Hussein’s vision.

Our great audience:

To elaborate more on the details of launching the new corporate identity for our bank and AlBaraka banking group banks, I will invite the chairman of the board of Jordan Islamic bank , chief executive officer of AlBaraka banking group, the chief of union of Arab banks who leads AlBaraka banking group by his variable and wide banking experience , Mr. Adnan Ahmad yousif to deliver his speech.

Alsalam Alaikum Wrahmat Allah Wbarakatu…